#TinyTales❤️ #3

I always wonder,
If your late night thoughts,
ever lead you back to me?
In endless search of honey,
The blithe bee!
In the waiting songs of summer,
The deciduous Tree!
In hopes of touching the shore,
The desperate sea!

-Thinking Of You.

There She is!❤️

There she is,
the pretty chriping bird
courageous yet coward,
aiming heights,looking downward!
Teasing the fiery Sunlight,
wearing the lovely white.

There she is,
the sweet little girl.
Pulling a push door,
rocking every dance floor.
splashing the rain water,
Playing with the door stopper.

There she is,
the silent screamer,
the impractical day dreamer.
The sudden mysterious silence,
the scene after violence,
Yet the mischievous creature around,
the immense beauty on the ground.

There she is,
the magical fairy.
paying visits to my dreams,
glowing star under moonlit beams.
Sparkling more than fireflies,
More enchanting than the lies!

There she is,
the intense hurricane,
Dashing through the mist,
carrying her to-do list!
the cold murderous knife,
The love of my life!❤️

Facebook Unfriend!❤️ (Random Rantings #1)

And I opened up
Facebook after 
Long time!

Everyone is wishing
Friendship day,
Someone is feeling
Sad, someone is
Getting a new job,
I was all scrolling down,
You know I am pretty
much, not a facebook person!

And then suddenly,
my thumb felt heavy..
When I saw your name
on my screen..
All the memories,
flashed back again,
I wished to scroll more,
Yet I just withhold
my thumb on the screen.

When was the last time,
I touched you,
The last time, your fingers touched my skin,
The last time, I saw you.
The last time, you called me silly.
The last smiles,
The last tears,
I opened our last chat,
Take care!”
“You too!”

A tear rolled down 
my cheeks and
dropped on my mobile screen.
Damn! I love you so much!
And my head is filled
With all the “WHYs?”
No matter how much
I move forward,
I realised,
I am juggling in the same 
Zero to one phase!

I opened your profile,
Yes, I am stupid,
I know it!
I remember the times,
you used to tell me 
About how inactive you are
On social platforms!
Now I see everything
Changed, and for a moment,
I thought, maybe,
You miss me too!
And obviously,
I am silly, 
as you used to say!

I don’t want to drill
deep into your profile.
I don’t love you anymore!
I just wanted to see you.
I don’t know,
What actually crossed my mind,
that moment,
I clicked on the “Unfriend” button!
Facebook asked me 
If I was sure!
And honestly, I don’t know!

Actually, I don’t know
Most of the things
In my life these days.
I used to be a very,
 sorted person, you know,
And things just change!
Change forever.

I was sure,
Yes, I was sure! 
I hit the button!
“You are no longer friends with..”
I felt happy,
It was the first step.
To release myself
from the labyrinth
Of your memories!

But why am I,
Filling pages and pages,
About writing this feeling,
Am I sad?
No,I told you, I am happy!
But I hate this feeling,
Do you feel this too,?
I don’t know, 
I am feeling happy
Or am I more sad?

Just Random Rantings
(7 August 2017)

Keeping the Permanent!❤️

On this very day
I have realized,
Most people in your life
Are meant for ‘hanging out’
and summer laughter!

They stay till
The wind changes,
or tides turn
and disappear with
first snow!

And then there are
Some, who are 
Just meant to 
Stay forever!

You don’t see
Them everyday!
No long phonecalls!
No weekend drinks!
Nothing ordinary!

They are just
They are not just
For talking,
They feel every emotion
of your heart, with you!

They were cast in iron
maybe set in gold,
and they never leave you,
To face everything alone!

Meet one such person
Of my life!
He talks less
And feels more!
He will make you
feel special without
Even making any effort!

He is a great 
he captures 
every special Moment,
Every laughter,
Every emotion,
Every sunrise,
Every star-studded night!

He is busy with
his passion
and profession,
And so am I!
We barely talk
But you know,
In my list of 
“Forever close people”
He is probably on top!

We met in school
and it’s been years now!
The bond still
Hold it’s grip,
And our friendship,
Still remains new!

I probably have, never
really told him,
How important he is to me,
He listens to all my
Stupid drama and
Pointless rantings!

For all the times,
he spent,
Just to show, how much he care,
There are no words to describe,
Just “Thank You”,
for being there!

I guess we all have
Such people around,
Find these people
In your life!
and keep them close,
In the world of “temporary”
Keep the “permanent” forever!

P.s. This is written for a close friend, Abhishek Yadav (Ashu). It’s such a happy coincidence that his birthday and Friendship Day fall on the same day! I have probably kept my “permanent” forever!

Happy Birthday Ashu! May God give you everything in your life!❤️ And I really don’t have to tell you how blessed I am to have you!

Happy Friendship Day everyone!❤️

Separated by Pincode!❤️

Here I am today,
Staring at the sky.
Hearts broken,
and the silent cry.

He said, it’s
going to be hard,
not caring how 
much I got scarred,

It was just the way
it happened.
Everything fell apart
and left me blackened.

Now, I wonder why
did we even meet?
if it was only going to
be this bitter-sweet.

His life aced up,
Like racing cars.
And I am still writing this,
beneath the stars.

How badly the time,
Shifted the gear.
This is beyond something,
I can actually bear.

Look, here I am
Separated by pincode.
Looking at the same stars,
Hoping to cross your road.